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  • We differ, blind and seeing, one from another, not in our senses, but in the use we make of them, in the imagination and courage with we seek wisdom beyond the senses. -Hellen Keller

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January 09, 2007


susan opel

These jewel tones just seem so rich and vibrant! Cool stuff! Your photography is phenom!

susan j

OMG Cheryl..........I need these!!


Cheryl, You inspire me so much! I can't even begin to tell you how much.. you layouts always blow me away. I WANT THIS PAPER! I love it all. And how lucky you are to play with it all first.


These are absolutely gorgeous. I NEED these, I WANT these, I have to HAVE these. Any way to hook a sistah up? HEE HEE HEE

Can't wait to order these for sure.

Gorgeous l.o. as usual Cheryl.


jill geraghty-groves

Cheryl you are WICKED!!!! I hope we get that over here in Australia!

Mary L.

It's beautiful Cheryl. As usual. :)


This is beautiful :)


LOVE the jewel tones, GORGEOUS!!!!! Awesome LO!!


Absolutely awesome layout! And I adore those papers. Will have to get them! And I love the quote.

here is one more for you that might work with this line or Lovestruck:

"Ink to paper is thoughtful.
Ink to flesh, hard-core.
If Shakespeare were a tattooist,
We'd appreciate body art more."
~Carrie Latet


Humma...Humma...I'm feeling very faint!!!

These are GORGEOUS!!

Beth root

Just lovely.....your layouts are always so seductive wit this style too...very cool! Thanks for giving us a peak!


Yummy jewel tones and your layout is lovely.

kelly edgerton

Cheryl, your page is a work of art. Holy cow, girlfriend, you have so much talent. Every time I stop by your blog, I am inspired and stunned by your talent. I'm looking forward to seeing you at CHA. We must make sure that we have a minute to chat in spite of all the crazy excitement of the show.


That is an incredible layout! I love that picture!!!!


Absolutely stunning addition to this line! So cool! Love your LO...of course! ;)

Linda A. (elendae)

Love it! Your layout is fab, and I love the rich colors of the new papers!!

Kim F 267

Your layout is breath taking!

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