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January 04, 2007



It's so interesting and refreshing to see people are actually - in these techno days - playing games with real people, not becoming engrossed in computer style, individual games that are mostly conducted indoors. Last year I was finally in a position to learn how to play bridge - it is great and so are the people we meet in our social settings. Apart from that, I enjoy Rummiking/Rummikub (depends who's the manufacturer) and we have been getting together around the table and inventing our own ways of playing a kind of poker (with chips, of course). Maybe I could use some of those chips to embellish as "ego chips", Misty

Donna S.

Wow! That is some make and take. My favorite games are Rummikub, Racko and most card games except for bridge - too much concentration required! Hope you have fun at CHA!

Angie Grimm

Favorite game? Probably 500. I love card games.
Great make & take I love me some CI stuff!

Stacey C.

Do reindeer games count???????
Love yahtzee. Have to add Uno and Skipbo. Rummy is pretty good too...

Happy New Year, Cheryl. See you at CHA!


Well poker ofcourse - not for money - for clothes!!! Shocking :)
I need this lunchbox girl......


The lunchbox is so cute - my hubby would love it too as he is a Texas Hold Em poker fan. I am not a very good poker player, but I play a mean game of Yahtzee! LOL I also love to play Phase 10. Have a fun time at CHA and looking forward to all the new CI releases. :)

Deborrah Szuch

Well, I have to play! I love card games, and am partial to 500. But all games are fun! Yahzee, Cadoo, Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Paper Mario, Wii Sports ... you name it, we've probably played it! Great project and awesome new line. Can't wait to see more!!

marah johnson

can I paly...

my favortie games are

what if?
toss up.
I am learning backgammon (this is required learning) ask me about that later!
phase 10

Sherri S

My FAVORITE game and also my family's fave too is Apples to Apples! It is full of laughs and fun. I am SO glad a friend shared about it a few years ago. That Christmas Eve we sat playing it for hours! My 'teen' kids even enjoyed it!!! SHOCK! LOL
rosie-scrapper on 2peas
Sherri S

jill scripps

my favorite game is cranium...turbo edition!!! LOVE it!


michelle lanning

ohh-I can't wait to see those at CHA --hmm my favorite game ---scategories!!!!!


Great question! My family loves Mexican Train (domino game), which my 85-yr-old grandmother recently whopped us on. Also Cranium, Uno Attack, Catch Phrase and '42' (another domino game). Now I need to add that to my list of things to scrap - games we love. :)

robyn bedsaul

I'm not good at card games and with three kids the game I play most often is Go fish! LOL :D


scrabble but I think that that's the only board game we own. LOL! awesome creation!

P Taylor

How fun CHA must be! I'd enjoy wandering through all the new fun stuff.

My favorite game is bridge. My husband and I are learning to play Texas Hold 'em and he would think that lunch kit is cool! We like all kinds of card games. It's his family tradition to play games at all our gatherings.

Pati :)


Scrabble and Rook are two of my favorites. One the computer I love to play Free Cell!

Beth Warren

Good luck at CHA!

My favorite game is probably solitaire...though I also enjoy occasionally playing the XBox and PS3 when I babysit, and especially like Mario Brothers Cruise game. ;) What can I say, it's fun and doesn't require much concentration (at least not the kind used in chem and bio classes ;).



A few of my favorite games:
1) Scrabble
2) Monopoly
3) Taboo
4) Deal or No Deal

Jennifer Allred

I love just about any game, but my husband and I really love Mancala! We bought a cheapo version from Walmart in college and have been playing it ever since!

Laura Owens

My favorite game is UpWords! My mom & I play the board game version just about every time we visit each other, and we play the online version together just about every night!

Donna Bryant Durand

First favorite, Twister. Second? Backgammon.


Love your designs! My favorite card game is rumoli....lots of fun when played with a large group of people!

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