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August 26, 2007



Love that album and the banner rocks too! That's the second uber cool banner I've seen in the last few weeks.

Lisa Spiegel

Thanks for the ultimate compliment of posting my banner on your blog...I love the chipboard stuff you've been designing...keep up the great work!

Amy Solovay

Cheryl, I am absolutely loving all those pages you did with the Honeydew. Wowowow. Especially how you personalized the edges of the chipboard pieces- so beautiful! Those pages you did are so detailed yet they look totally clean and uncluttered- just perfect.

For scrapbooking, I've been kind of reluctant to get too enthusiastic about chipboard (Things just seem to fit in my albums better when they lay flat) but good grief the artist in me is going nuts for chipboard and I am getting hooked. Please-- quit being such an enabler!!!! Kidding. Seriously, please keep doing exactly what you are doing. I will have to take a look at what you've done for Magistical Memories...LOL. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Cathy L. by Chicago

Alright Cheryl, how about you just come to Chicago to teach a 1 person class!!!! : )

Catherine Scanlon

Cheryl I love your banner, so cool!

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