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August 23, 2007



I LOVE your Christmas book. Will you be selling kits? I don't think I live in your area. I'm in California.

Cathy L. by Chicago

Beautiful book!!!! When are you coming back to Chicago to teach a few classes???? : )


I just love what you do with chipboard!! Amazing and inspirational stuff. Ever so pleased about Hammy too ~ he lives to pack out his little cheeks another day ;o)


I am enjoying the read! :D This book is adorable!!!!!!!! I listened to all of the music on your blog yesterday! I left the page up while I worked on a page. My dh enjoyed it as well! ;)

Heather Mellstrom

So love the book Cheryl!!! The store I manage just brought these mini albums in and I would have never thought in a million years to do what you did with it- simply usual!!!


Love this little book - SO stinkin' cute!! Would love to see more of the inside!

Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity with us!!

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