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February 20, 2008


Nancy Jones

Been thinking of you guys HUGS!

Tammy Kay

so happy for you!

miss you!

Tammy Kay

congrats on becoming a grandma! So happy for you!

hope you are doing well. miss hearing your voice.

Stacey C.

Hey, nana, er... gramma, er... Cheryl! Congratulations to your family! What a wonderful thing for you all!


So how do I go about ordering one of your class kits. I would love the Scenic Route Mix it UP Christmasbook. A friend of mine took your class and I looooved the book. I've scrapped 12x12 for 12 years and have just really started doing mini books. I need some direction and this is just the ticket. Thanks! Samantha

Linda A.

Tag, you're it! I was tagged by Stephenie, who was tagged by Stephanie, who was tagged by Stacy J., so it's your turn! ;) Here's where you can find the scoop:


Chelsea Kocina

hey hotstuff! I miss you already.
We totally did not get a chance to really spend time together in Cali--but we were both so busy! :( We'll have to plan a trip or something, because I'm totally having Cheryl withdrawl!

I hope everything went okay with Jon-I'm thinking about you!

Love you


So glad you had a good time at CHA! The party looked like a blast..such a cute theme!

India Davis

Hey, glad you got to see me! Just kidding. A grandmother! I cannot believe it. Congratulations! Talk to you soon, again.

Amy JOhnson

Just getting around to blog-reading --- hopefully your son's checkup goes well..... a grandmother of TWINS - how exciting for you!! When are they expecting?

Cari Locken

Oh Cheryl, I'll be thinking of & praying for Jon's appointment.
Glad to hear you're doing well. You sure are keeping busy!!


great post! love that quote!

Melissa Phillips

Just thinking of you---congratulations granny.

Lisa in CT

Welcome back from CHA and congratulations on becoming a grandma!! You can spoil 'em and send 'em home!! That's what my Mom always says LOL! What wonderful things you have to look forward to and in a double dose too. I'm thrilled that you are going to be returning to Connecticut for ScrapPink again this this year. What a great time we all had last year! I will keep Jon and the rest of you in my thoughts as he goes in for is check up too.


jen davis

Wow! You are so busy, but your life is so full, and of the good stuff it seems! =) Will pray for your son and send positive thoughts your way. Congratulations too on the double wammy grandma title, my mother would be so jealous! ;)

Have a wonderful couple of weeks!


It was much fun playing with you in the CI booth.

congrats on the twins!!!


Cheryl - my thoughts and prayers will be with you and Jon tomorrow as he goes through his testing and checkup. Hugs to both of you!


Yea Cheryl!!! so glad to hear you're coming back to CT!

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