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September 20, 2008



I am so excited to be taking your class in Orlando next week!!! I cannot wait - the mini looks so beautiful!!!

Congrats on the grandbabies!!


beautiful picture again.. and a beautiful project!! Totally lovely! Just got back from Istanbul..
glad to have eyecandy around while I am back home.. =)


Cheryl, it was great meeting you at the Crop Shop the other day. I hope to be able to take some classes with you.

The book is beautiful and the twins are just precious.


beautiful boys. can't wait to see them on a scrapbook page!


how sweet is that baby? So glad they are all doing well.

adorable album. wish i lived closer

Shannon Keenan

Hi Cheryl! I wanted to say thank you for coming in to the Crop Shop yesterday and thanks for signing my new magazine!! :) It was great to have the chance to chat with you, too. I'll be looking to take a class (or five!) from you soon. Congrats once again on the beautiful twinners!


Lori Gentile

Cheryl, that book is just gorgeous!!! The gals taking your classes are really lucky! Braeden looks so adorable in that photo. He's so peaceful.

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