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February 07, 2007


Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

Hey Cheryl!! I came by your booth a couple of times on my lunch breaks but you were never there - sorry I missed you! I think you must have gotten the chance to meet my friend Vicki Chrisman - she made the beautiful wedding dress and bouquet for Accucut! Anyway, just wanted to say hey!

jamie Tharpe AKA tysdragonfly

Looks like you had a great time, one of these days I'm gonna get back to CHA and meet ya!!


love the pictures.


These pictures are so awesome Cheryl! It's so great to see you having a blast with your buds. By the way, I order from ACOT and PIY all the time!! Their service is fantastic!!! Take care. xoxo

Mary L.

Looks like you had a great time Cheryl - congrats to you!


I never got to see you dressed up!!! You look HOT!


aweee you're such a sweetie! :)You got some great photos and thanks for giving props to ACOT

Nancy Jones

wheehewww LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD SO MUCH FUN GIRL! IM SO HAPPY they teamed up with accucut to make some dies. I ahve the zip e mate and the zaz so I will DEFINITLY be keepin eyes about for those!!!! Love all you did with the little outfit and are the swarovski crystals just THE MOST AWESOME EVER! Jeanne turned me on to them NOW.. that is all I wanna use! Have I told you today how much you rock sista! Miss ya chicky!


Oh Cheryl, You look like you had just a blast. Dang it, I wish I went just to hang out with you and your fun creativity! I love looking at all the pictures... thanks so much for sharing!



Cheryl, it was sooo much fun meeting you and a blast doing the make and takes with you, you were so much fun! Thanks for giving ACOT a shout out!

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