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August 08, 2008



Woah, just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog...I am actually subscribed to your blog as a big CI junkie and had to double check the name on my blog cos I couldn't believe it was from you! You've made a girl very happy. x


I have so many goals, maybe I tell you the things, I didn't want in my life, that's shorter (shame on me)


Jennifer Hansen

To go to bed earlier at night. I find myself staying up later than I should most nights and then end up tired and crabby!


My goal is lifelong, to get closer to Christ daily & put others above myself. It's a daily walk. I love Jesus.

Andrea M

I exercise regularly. I believe I am able to stay on track because I see exercise as vital to my health. I see it as a way to detoxify and de-stress. I see it as a type of health insurance. It is one of those things that "I can't afford not to do". On really busy days my encouragement is "a little bit is better than none". Wishing you all the best on your run!

rachel tanner

Hi, I try to keep myself motivated by using lists and rewards! I know childish, but it does work!
If I keep on track I get to buy that gorgeous new narratives collection ect!
I have all the usual loosing weight and looking after myself, but that doesn't seem to work as well, for some reason :)
THere is some great ideas.
Rachel uk


It was so good to talk to you! I've missed you!!! Oh and you've been TAGGED!!! :-)


Well I sat down here because I needed a break from everything and after reading your post and getting to that quote I thought it was meant for me... good luck with the upcoming grandbabies. (I don't know how you could be a grandma?) My goal is to get back to my routine of exercise. Its summer that throws me off and the school year that gets me back on track!

Wendy Baker

Cheryl, so excited for you about the babies - they will be blessed to have such a cool gg! :)

As far as goals, there are several. First is a consistant quiet time and second is a healthy lifestyle. I have neglected both in the past and have paid the price...they are a work-in-progress.

Love and prayers with all of your upcoming excitement!

cory (scrappin_shopoholic)

congrats on the gg. my goal has been to get our closets and cabinets in order. i tried and tried cleaning, donating, and decluttering this year on my own, but the functionality wasnt any better, so for the first time EVER, I put myself first and hired a closet organizer. She went through our bedroom, bathroom, and my scraproom and told me all these wonderful things to do... and, she is working on a shelving system that will work with our needs, and maximize space. Cant wait!

Maria Yarasavich

RE: James - I'm totally JEALOUS. You're so lucky - That must have been amazing to see and hear him so close. Sigh...

RE: Babies - I'm so excited for you Ms. GG

RE: Easel Album - Oh, this is GORGEOUS in person. The Scrapbook Clubhouse in Connecticut has them and I just saw a lady Saturday that was making a beautiful Anniversary Album with it.

RE: Personal Goal.
Okay - I'm hanging head in shame.....
My "Goal" for many years has been to get "Organized" and I have failed miserably.
I'm still a MESS!!!
So......... I am changing my "Personal Goal" to work on my "Time Management"
I kept using "I dont have time" as an excuse for not being more organized but I think its not the fact that I dont have time it's the fact that I dont use my time wisely.
Wish me luck - I am going to work in my Time Management Skills.



Michelle Granger

I recently have had a health scare and need to take my goals seriously as well. I am starting to exercise again, which I have done on and off for the past few years, but never on a regular consistant schedule. I have begun to change my eating style, losing the soda and convenience foods. My motiviation is my family, I would like to be able to see a day when I could become a grandmother as well, which by the way CONGRATS and I am sure everything will be great, and if those boys know a good thing (even prebirth) I am sure they will wait for you to arrive before they arrive. Safe travels to Alabama.


Thinking of the babies...

Shawn Wenrich

My personal health goal is to exercise 20-30 minutes at least every other day. On my stationary bike or my daughter's Wii Fitness. So far I've lost about 8 lbs this summer. These past few weeks I've really slacked off. You've inspired me to get back on track!

Shawn Wenrich

My personal goal is to exercise 20-30 minutes at least every other day, whether it's my stationary bike or my daughter's Wii Fitness. I've lost about 8 lbs this summer but these past few weeks I've really slacked off on exercising. You've inspired me to get back on track!

Kathi Lemieux

Hey Cheryl,

First if you need preemie tips, as I told you, my daughter was a 2 lb. preemie, and we had lots of little secrets...she came home at 3lbs. 15oz. Talk about being scared to death!!

Anyway...Goal!!! Mine is definately to get some more cropping done. I am WAY behind. I really want to get some projects done...especially now that I am well recovered.

Love ya,


I have kept up with my running. My goal for this year is to take care of my stress level. I have a lot going on, I need to manage my focus and spread my projects out in spaces. Cool quote! I am going to laugh though because much of my stress is from not saying NO! No, I can't be on another committee and unfortunately prioritize: family and work first.


Wow, my goal is to continue my running training! I am enjoying it so far!

Erika M

Well, the goal that I'm currently working on is to lose 25 pounds which requires exercise. Now, don't get me wrong exercise is a good thing but exercise and I just don't mesh very well.


My goal is to finish the projects that I have started before I begin a new one, and to only begin projects I am truly happy and excited about. I want to organize the stuff that I already have so that I will stop buying the same things over and over! And I would also like to get back in an exercise routine. Establishing the habit is the hard part, I actually enjoy the exercise once I'm doing it.


My goal is to read to Noah at bedtime.
This might sound weird but with a busy schedule I forget the "little things". I always read to Amber since the day she was born. Every night a little story before bedtime. When Noah was born I was working 2 jobs, taking care of my sick DH a toddler and a baby and.. Iono.. the "reading" part with baby number 2 just never happened. Amber is going to school in october and she LOVES to "read".. she has a lot of books and I find her each morning with books everywhere ... Today we went to the librairy.. picking a few more.. then she said.. "let's pick a book for Noah too.. you never read for him!".. she grabbed a "thomas the train of the shelves and put it in her bag. When we walked home I thought about this.. wondered how a year and a half passed.. without me reading to him.. At home she immediately grabbed the book and sat me down while getting her little brother. He sooo enjoyed it..
What's happening with our "busy lives" that we need a three year old to open our eyes?!
Anyways.. It's time for Noah to finally get his bedtime stories!
Thank you Amber!


My faith and family keep me motivated. Many things I would like to do fall to the side, but the things that are MOST important are taken care of first. My husband and daughters enjoy dinner around our table. We've worked on our garden together and can enjoy the efforts!


my goal is to eat healthy, organic food & move my fanny :-) I'm beginning IVF treatments in 1 month and am trying to get my body ready for the process &, hopefully, for a baby. I admit to lots of falling off the wagon, but reminding myself that I can have willpower for the greater good helps a lot (well, sometimes chocolate wins :-)


I've got so many goals, but the one I've been working on the most lately is becoming a published author. There's lots of many goals layered in there. Right now, I'm making myself write everyday. And I'm forcing myself to get over my fear of rejection and send out queries for the project that's already finished. My husband helps keep me motivated too. He keeps telling me he's ready for me to be a famous author already and to get on with it. :)

Sandra Smart

I also would like to live a healthier lifestyle and exercise, ok, I mean exercise at all. That's right, I do not exercise at all right now, but I used to do a lot of bike riding, so you have inspired me to get the bike out of the garage and start riding again!
Thanks so much!

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