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December 30, 2010


African Safari

Nice Pictures!!!!!...

I must say you really had lots of fun there.

Thanks for sharing.

Jan Hennings

Oh WOW! What a beautiful experience! I bet the assistants loved the drums!

Jennifer Rogers

hello, Cheryl-- have been visiting your blog sporadically hoping you would write about your teaching experience here in S.A.--patience rewarded! Thanks for the kind words. THRILLED to hear that you are coming again in Oct. as your Travel class was my favourite Aquila one in 2011 and until now was in 2 minds about booking again.Until then, be well.


Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!


What an amazing adventure you got to go on! It looks like an incredible trip! (And the assistants are too stinkin' cute!)

Amber Joy

I loved those giraffes but we had no room to bring one back with us when we were there. Your pictures bring back some good memories.

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