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April 20, 2011



I hope that birdhouse one is still available. I have a macaw and what fun it would be to dedicate that one to her. Mimi likes to help me out in my room from It would be so much fun to have her tear up some paper fo her very own scrapbook!


Cheryl - I can't believe how big the boys are getting. They are adorable - Jocelyn and Olivia are so much fun now.....they just got a new baby brother Samuel - they are loving that! Safe travels.


Hi sweet lady! I love all these books, I need to get my hands on that butterfly one!!!! My birdhouse one is filling up with pictures, so it will soon be complete!
The boys are getting so big, and so handsome!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with them on Easter!
Happy Travels and stay safe!

Jan Hennings

Love your new die! Am glad you're enjoying time with family and the assistants! They grow so fast :) and they're SO CUTE!

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