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  • We differ, blind and seeing, one from another, not in our senses, but in the use we make of them, in the imagination and courage with we seek wisdom beyond the senses. -Hellen Keller

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July 29, 2011


Jean A Marmo

Haha what fun! Not sure which person Cheryl would be but you guys sound like you have a lot of fun together! Coming over from D's Paper studio


I just though of it!!! Does our Thelma get to enjoy the scene with Brad Pitt!! Hummmmm.....


OMG...this is a tough one! I would have to say Lucy - Ethel is Cheryl! Lucy is Dawn! I would ay Laverne is Cheryl of course and Shirley is Dawy. Then oh boy....Thelma is Cheryl and Louise is Louise coming on the Cruise!! with Thelma and the rest of her gang!!! if you don't I'm gonna miss you Dawn!! Thelma can make room for you in her suit case!!! Okay! Hugs, Marlene

Heather Kindt

I love your altered love struck purse! Fabulous project, just FYI

Karin Hall

You two must be great with the pair of wonderful women you are comparing to.. Would love to meet you all at a class someday

Carolyn Kropp

Ive never met you lovely ladies BUT the fact that you can compare yourself to some of the greatest female pairings is fabulous! To our female freinds!!

Barbara Balcastro

oh Dawn! I miss you girls! I keep missing the classes...have had so much going on with the care of my Mom...I can't wait to read more..I think of the both of you often. Hope to see everyone soon. I so neeed some scrapping and me time. xoxo Barbara Balcastro

Lucy - Dawn
Ethel -Cheryl

Laverne- Cheryl
Shirley - Dawn

Thelma- Cheryl
Louise - Dawn

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